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value add


We want to truly add value to all parties involved in our activities - that's our very first and core goal!  We will decline mandates and projects, where we are not convinced the win-win-scenario we try to generate between parties, can be achieved through our involvement.



trust & frankness

In our business, best results are only achieved through strong teamwork with our clients and candidates. This requires a high level of trust and frankness. Only if we are all open and straightforward with each other, we can determine what is likely to work and last, rather than to fail and blast. 

In our all mutual interest!

freedom & equality

We are defenders of freedom and equality. This means zero-tolerance towards discrimination, regardless the reason, since there is no valid one. 

We support total equality of genders, religions, ethnic groups, sexual orientations and political views (as long as not contradictive to any other point mentioned), as well as the freedom of speech and press. 

social & environmental responsibility

We are supporters of an economy that is not only aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, but also acts accordingly. We do our best to contribute our share, as a small company, and we encourage all our clients and partners to take their public responsibilities seriously as well.

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